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About Us

Concerts for Causes Inc. is a non-profit organization that utilizes major symphony orchestras and organizes groundbreaking events combining entertainment, culture and education to raise funds & awareness for those in need.

Since its beginning, Concerts for Causes Inc. has given hundreds of musical instruments to deserving students. Our “Save the Music” program purchases brand new musical instruments for students. While the dropout rate of high school students in the DMV for certain demographics are over 50%, studies show 95% of high school students who are involved in a music program will graduate and go on to college, a staggering statistic! Many of our high schools have wonderful music programs with dedicated teachers but inferior or no musical instruments. Concerts for Causes Inc. has given thousands and thousands of dollars worth of instruments to the most deserving students in under-served communities.

Dr. Keith Killgo is the music director at Anacostia High school in Washington DC. His students have been the recipient of many of our donated musical instruments. Dr Killgo knows firsthand how important this program is for his students. He says there are students that would have given up on school if it were not for their involvement in the music program. Killgo says, “The music program teaches so much more than music. It teaches social skills, team building, discipline, math skills, respect and so much more. Concerts for Causes gives the students the instruments, allowing them to have an instrument to play even when school is out, which has been a problem in the summer or when the student graduates.”

Many students have gone on to receive academic and music scholarships to some very impressive institutions of higher learning insuring a great chance for a brighter future. Berklee College of Music professor Danilo Pérez says music teaches not only harmony but harmony in life.

Local CEO Max Jenner said “I only like to hire employees who have a background in music because I know there’s a good chance they will have learned the skills we need for them to work with my team.”